Mohammed Hammad is a film director and multi-disciplinary artist currently based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia after having spent over 30 years living in London, Paris, Dubai, and NYC.


Mohammed grew up drawing comic books, painting and producing boom-bap era hip-hip in the 90’s. He discovered filmmaking during his college years in Paris and fell in love with the process of combining visual and sonic mediums in the form of storytelling.


Besides his traditional and commercial film work, Mohammed has made a name for himself in the Saudi art world through his experimental art films, considered intimate pieces that hijack the senses through an audio-visual immersive experience by some of Saudi's established art galleries.


During a filmmaking journey spanning over 14 years, Mohammed’s short films have premiered at Vancouver International Film Festival and Red Sea Film Festival to name a few, while clients include National Geographic, McDonald's, Lexus, MDLBEAST, Mobily, Domino's Pizza, and MTV among many more.


With a wide range shifting through comedy, drama, and adrenaline-driven pieces, Mohammed maintains a sound-heavy, visual story-telling as part of his signature style.


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