#INFINITESINCE83 is an experimental short film that serves as an introspective examination of my immigration from Saudi Arabia prior to Vision 2030 and returning during the socio-economic change. Through a collage of footage from my travels abroad and lifetime photos of my family narrated by voice messages from my mother, the film is an immersive audio-visual experience that demonstrates the strong cultural roots that latch onto the immigrating traveler wherever he may go.

The film was made as part of Athr Gallery's Young Saudi Artists 2019 edition titled "In The Midst Of It All". The exhibition asked the participating artists the question of "who are you?" in these rapidly changing times in the history of Saudi Arabia's socio-economic evolution.

The film contains many references to Saudi culture over the generations. The film opens with the logo of the former Saudi TV 2 channel which launched 1983, the same year as my birth, and closed in 2017, the same year I moved back to Saudi. The channel was the Saudi english language channel, a reference to my expatriate upbringing. The title of the film #INFINITESINCE83 is a reference to the year of my birth, a pre-internet era, immortalized through the # of the internet era.



"Gong With The Wind" by Mohammed Hammad

"Luna Lovely" by Mohammed Hammad and Desertf!sh

"Luna's Spell" by Desertf!sh

"Modstem" by Desertf!sh